Bakersfield Attractions – Fox Theater

Bakersfield Attractions - Fox Theater

Bakersfield California has a lot to offer tourists and residents. If you are visiting the city there is much to choose from as far as attractions go but there is one place that you simply must add to your list. That place is the Fox Theater. Read this article and learn a little about this great attraction.

The Fox Theater first opened in 1930 and represents a bygone era of theater construction. It was built when theaters were grand attractions with tall arches and other stunning architectural features. This particular theater was designed by Charles Lee, a notable architect from Los Angeles and has 1500 seats.

Seeing a show at the Fox Theater was definitely a worthy experience and it was the home for local entertainment in Bakersfield for over forty years. Like a lot of early theaters however the Fox was forced to close its doors in the 70’s and would almost be lost to the wrecking ball. In 1994 a group of private citizens formed an organization to save the Fox Theater seeking to restore it to its former grandeur.

 Today the Fox Theater is the best location in Bakersfield to see shows, concerts and other live entertainment venues. It is an intimate venue where you can enjoy the latest shows while experiencing history at the same time. If you are in Bakersfield you should definitely check the schedule and catch a performance at the Fox Theater.

If you would like to visit the Fox Theater you can find it at 2001 H Street in Bakersfield California. The phone number for more information on upcoming events is 661-324-1369. Have fun at the theater.

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