Installing a “Home Theatre” in Your Home

Cinema is an art that all of us enjoy regardless of one’s age. Having a home theatre at home means a multimedia space intended to dive into the experience of a cinema from the comfort of your home. You could watch movies and listen to music with a company of people or even alone. The point is, a home-theater is undoubtedly a great investment.

Let us show you impressive pieces of technology regarding home theaters, made by professionals. They will inspire you to set up the perfect multimedia space at home and enjoy it to the fullest.

First things first, in order to create a home theater, will be to allocate a space to design the home theater. Keep in mind that this space has a life of its own and can be aesthetically unique, which can be decorated independently from the rest of the house. 

For the movie theater, we must also consider the acoustics of the room, isolating the sound from the rest of the environments. So, it is quite worth investing in this thing when setting up this. To eliminate the problems of a bad sound, cube-shaped rooms should be avoided. Ideally, the length and width measurements are not multiples of each other. 

If we consider that the average height from floor to ceiling is 2.4 meters, the width of the room would be about 2.20 meters and its length of 3 meters. So, the ideal measurements for a home theater would be 7.2 meters x 5.25 meters x 2.4 meters.

Media Room by Goldmund

The product was launched in 2007 and remains a one-of-a-kind home theatre. It remains one of the most high-tech solutions, with its extreme sound capacity with compatibility with an unlimited count of speakers. A user can virtually develop a home theatre for any measure of volume. Media Room allows the sound experience to be completely different from anything that a person can expect for. One can completely expect to get immersed in the sound that is revolving around them.

The Media Room built by Goldmund in Los Angeles, for example, was a 23.3 speaker system – 23 speakers, and 3 subwoofers (versus 5.1 and 7.1 standard surround system setups). The Swiss company is the only corporation out there to have achieved this remarkable feat. In addition, one can also switch between a multi-channel setup and stereo system easily.

To complete the experience, the Media Room produces very low frequency effects and physical impact due to infrasound subwoofers, which offer a unique sound experience, as if the sound is moving about a person’s body. It is a quite enjoyable and fascinating experience to have.

Media Room home theatre system is simply the reflection of the most modern technology of sound systems which continues to offer a unique experience with an innovative approach.

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