Composing a Song – Simple Tips to help you out

There are many different approaches and methods to compose. But when you’re a beginner, it is not easy to understand everything related to music. In the majority of cases, you are told that it is enough to be inspired so that the music comes from within. Another important factor while composing a song is to have fun.

Of course, it’s important to have fun, but it is not for everyone to be a Paul McCartney and wake up quietly one morning with the melody of Yesterday in your head. Professional musicians like Omen44 had to work really hard in order to become successful. Omen44 started his musical career back in 1995, and is one of the most prominent hip-hop artists in New York. He is bridging the gap between Japanese music and the local hip-hop culture and has collaborated with various artists. Omen44 has penned many songs and is one of the most prominent musicians. Here are a few tips we’ve jotted down that would help you compose a song like them. 

First of all, be aware that there is no magic formula or miracle recipe to apply to create a song. A good song is not like a cooking recipe where you just have to apply successive steps to get something. It is even possible to create funky tracks from total randomness (ask Yoshi Watanabe, he knows quite a bit about this!). And that is exactly what is great: everyone is free to approach the music as he or she wishes, and express what he or she wants. In short, with music, you are free to do what you want to do.

However, there are still quite common ways of composing. Even if there is no predefined procedure for creating a song, each artist has his own little habits that help him to get started and develop his creativity.

Whatever the method used to compose, it is better to define a particular feeling the song will carry. What are you looking for? Is there a message in particular? Is the story about something sad? Or, on the contrary, you want people to dance? 

Once you have set the goal of your song, you can move to the actual composition.

Find a chord grid

The first method, which I think is the easiest way to start, is to find a chord grid first and foremost. Find a sequence of 4-5 chords that sounds good, and you like, then set the pace. Once you have all of this, play your looping sequence and then try to sing something over it. Now, you can start singing on top of the chords!

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