5 Tips to Help You Spot a Quality Entertainer For Your Wedding

5 Tips to Help You Spot a Quality Entertainer For Your Wedding

There are so many lists or questions that the wedding magazines and websites tell you that you should ask when you are interviewing potential disc jockeys for your wedding reception. The fact is – asking if they have a wireless microphone or if they belong to a trade association merely suggests that they might have read the same article you did.

They are no better or worse than the next disc jockey that you interview. Just because they say that they have been a disc jockey for ten years doesn’t make them a great disc jockey.

What should you be asking them? Here are five questions will help you really get to know what type of disc jockey that they are.

  1. When was the last time you went to a training seminar, workshop or trade show? If they have never been or it’s been three or more years since the last time they did any training, then chances are they are not a great entertainer. When it comes to any profession, training and retraining are key factors to keep on top of your industry.
  2. When you DJ, is your computer playback software working on “AUTO PLAY” or do you mix songs manually? (Auto play is fine for social hour, but to be a great DJ, you must know when to start/stop a song so it blends smoothly with the next song)
  3. Can I see a photograph of your setup as guests would see it? (This is where you will find if they are using self-promoting signs, if there are wires showing or if their setup will fit in or stand out with your wedding decor. Large light trussing, beat-up gear or grey carpeted facades are a dead giveaway of them not caring about the look of your wedding reception)
  4. What do you play during social hour and dinner? If they answer “I usually play…” then chances are they are not going to personalize your wedding to your tastes. They will probably be the kind of DJ that plays the same music at every event – and who wants the exact same wedding music as the last ten weddings you went to that you thought were terrible and cliché? They probably will not honor your NO-PLAY list of music because they think that their prescript cheesy DJ skits will really make your party pop. After all, who doesn’t like getting dressed up in an Indian headgear and doing the YMCA?
  5. Do you have audio or video clips of a recent wedding that you’ve done? Listen to see if they refer to the bride and groom as “THE BRIDE AND GROOM” or by their names. If the disc jockey cannot be bothered to remember and use their names, the chances are they will not put much effort into your wedding. After all, exactly how much effort does it take to remember “Lily and Eric”?

Hiring entertainment on price alone will only guarantee that you get the cheapest disc jockey for your wedding. Not all disc jockeys are created alike and not all will work hard to make your wedding a success.

If the average price for entertainment is $900 – $1200 in this area, then finding someone for $1000 is only average. Average isn’t good enough – you should be looking for extraordinary when it comes to your disc jockey.

After all, who wants an average wedding? When it comes to your wedding; you’re not getting your hair cut at Super cuts and you’re not getting your food from McDonald. Why get your entertainment from someone who doesn’t take the effort to run their business like it’s a business?

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