Choosing a Magician That is Right For Your Event

Choosing a Magician That is Right For Your Event

Ensure your event will be the talk of the town for years to come and hire a magician. Music and dancing can be quite a pleasant pastime but everyone has “been there, done that.” However, add the element of magic and you suddenly have turned an ordinary event into an extraordinary one. Do you know how to choose a great entertainer with a background in magic?

Ask for References

References are one of the top ways to weed out good magicians from bad ones. A magician should not only be good at their craft but also be able to engage the audience and be an overall good entertainer. The ability to call references from past events featuring these entertainers is important.

Besides checking on the references themselves, also ascertain as to whether or not the entities that provided them are legitimate and applicable as well. If you are hiring for a wedding or other upscale event, you do not want to call a reference from a children’s party.

A Good Resume or CV

Besides the references, ask your potential magic act for their resume or CV. A list of their previous magic gigs along with accomplishments is good reinforcement of their skills. If any awards are listed on their resume, check and see if they were awarded by a known governing organization for magicians.

Also check for membership in professional magic organizations. The more positive notations on their CV, the more likely they will be skilled at their craft. Of course, the references come in handy to determine how well the entertainer would work for your event.

Check for Videos and Photographs

Two signs of a good magician are humor and interest reflected in the faces of the audience members. Many magic entertainers will have websites that post photos from past events along with links to video clips showcasing their work.

 Review these videos and photos, making sure the patrons in the audience are truly engaged. This will also demonstrate the style and mood of the entertainer’s magic show so you can decide whether they would best fit into your event requirements.

“Live” Interviews are Important

While you can hire a magic act sight unseen, it is important to interview them, if not in person, then at least by phone. You should be able to gauge the humor and temperament of the magician by a few simple conversations. It is important that you can deal with them in addition to making sure they will fit into your event’s theme and overall ambience.

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