How To Keep Your Wedding Guests Entertained

How To Keep Your Wedding Guests Entertained

Once you have booked your ceremony, wedding breakfast and evening reception you will have an approximate timetable of events for your ‘big day’ into which you now need to hire some wedding entertainment at various points in the day.

The amount of wedding entertainment you need will depend upon your timetable and whether you have any large gaps in proceedings where your guests will be hanging around and where some entertainment will help to keep them happy.

 If your ceremony is quite early (i.e. late morning / lunchtime) then you may have a break for a while before your wedding breakfast takes place, particularly if you are having a photo session at this point. This is where some couples choose to hire a string quartet, harpist or solo swing swinger to keep guests occupied while they are waiting.

Another potential gap in proceedings is between the wedding breakfast and the evening reception, especially if the wedding breakfast is relatively early in the afternoon. Also, most venues require around an hour or more to clear the room after the wedding breakfast and so providing some entertainment in another part of the venue is a good idea.

If you have already engaged someone to entertain earlier in the day then it might be sensible to ask the same swing vocalist or harpist to fill this gap too, as this will save on the cost of hiring two separate entertainers.

Finally, you need wedding entertainment for your evening reception and a professional wedding singer or wedding band should offer you various quotes, based on the amount of their start / finish times and the amount of time that they will play for.

Depending on your scheduled time to finish your wedding breakfast, be sure to allow extra time for speeches and for the venue to clear the room before asking your wedding band to arrive, as they will be charging you for ‘waiting time’ if they arrive before they can start to set up.

 Always check with your wedding singer or wedding band about the length of ‘set up’ time that they require, and then you will have an idea as to when they can start playing and also helps you to know if you need entertainment in another room whilst they are still setting up.

Remember, long gaps in the wedding procedure can be quite tedious for guests, especially in inclement weather and so by adding entertainment through the day, you will be sure to keep everyone occupied and happy.

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