Michael Jackson’s Life – The Most Important Thing to Learn

Michael Jackson's Life - The Most Important Thing to Learn

Michael Jackson

Where do I even start with this one?

The past generation’s Elvis. An absolute genius of entertainment. Cultivated from before he could ride a bike and programmed for success. With all the stories and headlines over his approximately 45 year career there has to be something we can learn from such a prolific icon.

 I heard the stampede of people attempting to market and capitalize on his death. There will be billions generated from his demise. Much of it having nothing to do with his true talents.

The news stories, books, products, marketing campaigns to generate traffic, and this are just the beginning. Go right ahead and use his name as you see fit (legally) but I suggest you make sure you feel good about whatever you do. You will remember this moment in history for the rest of your life.

We can certainly learn from the branding and marketing of such a giant and attempt to duplicate even a sliver of it. It’s time to recognize that entertainment sells. It generates more revenue than almost any other arena. A formula that works is mixing entertainment with information of some kind. Sprinkle some enthusiasm and you have the formula to making any business flourish.

With all of that said I believe there is a much more important factor that will be ignored by some. This is vital for every one of us to sit up and pay attention to. We have heard similar messages but I believe this time is different.

And if it takes Michael Jackson’s death to make us listen then he will have impacted lives more after his death than before and that is a true legacy maker. Love him or hate him, he was eclectic to say the least. Misunderstood by most and we will never know most of the truths behind all the accusations. But, we don’t need to in order to learn from him.

Many people are sad about his passing at the young age of fifty and rightly so. He was poised for another tour and ready to show the world that he was back. So what can we learn?

Have you learned from this?

There is one thing that makes Michael Jackson’s death less of a tragedy. The fact that most people go through their daily existence without ever really reaching for the stars. Most do not even remember what it’s like to dream. If nothing else, his death should remind us of how we all should live life to the extreme.

We should all find our passion and go for it. Michael Jackson let his music out while he was alive. He had more to give but he never sat back and wished about things happening, he went out from an early age and created them. I look forward to you commenting after finishing this, but I see the large majority of people following the sheep.

 It’s time to dig deep inside yourself, find your passion in life, dream again and burn your candle brightly! Go back to school, change careers, write a book, join a theater group, start a business venture that you care about, start a scholarship fund, donate time helping a charity, teach your kids about something that you wish you had learned at their age, and then continue to nurture their dreams.

 Pick up the instrument you use to play, start running, meditate, call an old friend, smile more and remember to laugh as much as possible. It is a much bigger tragedy to not burn brightly.

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