The First Timer’s Guide To Superhero Movies

The First Timer's Guide To Superhero Movies

There are very few things that can get a true movie buff excited than knowing when a new movie is coming out & where it can be seen. Though most film fans will likely try take a more sophisticated approach to telling people what type of movies they appreciate, the one genre that even the staunch film buff gets a kick out of is superhero movies.

At one time, movies that had superheroes in them were a little hard to watch simply because all of the superhuman things they were supposed to be able to do were not quite able to look superhuman. In fact, the effects & execution of said effects was rudimentary at best, so selling a superhero film to a movie audience was pretty difficult.

You also had to take into consideration that most people saw superheroes as something you’d find in the ‘funnies’ meant for kids. No self-respecting adult would spend good money to watch someone in tights chase around someone or hang from wires & pretend to fly.

The years have shown many movie aficionados trying to define the first real superhero movie going as far back as the early 20th century. Most, however, would look at the release of Richard Donner’s Superman in 1978 as the most significant superhero movie because it essentially was the one that started the love affair with the genre. After all, as the tagline says, “You’ll believe a man can fly.”

Now, as odd as it may seem to some, there are a few folks out there that have yet to watch a film in this genre. Whatever their reasons may be, it’s important to understand it may be for fear of just not knowing where to begin or knowing if they’re missing something important about the characters.

 This is a perfect place to start a guide for the first-time superhero movie viewer, and it involves a bit of work on your part – know the source material. At one time, unless you were a bit of a comic fan, you’d have no real way to know who any of these characters were, but with the internet, you have no excuse to do a little research. If there is one thing that most fans of these films know, it’s the source material. You don’t have to be an expert, but at least know a secret identity or two.

Next, you have to be sure to understand that these superheroes are superhuman, and along with that comes the ability to make terrible mistakes in judgment. They succumb to love, anger, sadness, joy, and anything else you view as a human trait. It is this humanity, however, that allows them to have a place where we, as the audience, and those around the characters, can connect.

Finally, it is important for you as a moviegoer to suspend disbelief. You’re watching a movie that was written for this format & with the help of actors, CGI, and hundreds of others, you’re watching a story unfold. Immerse yourself in the experience, and just let go.

Superhero movies are all the rage, and even though you haven’t watched one yet, you know it’s bound to happen, With this guide, you should be able to approach this new genre with a level head but also with an open mind.

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