Facts About Photography

Facts About Photography

Whether you are watching TV or just going through the pages of a magazine, you are bombarded with photographs that force you to think and feel about the subject; it doesn’t matter if the photo is about a beautiful women or a dilapidated structure.

Photography is an art, very much similar to a painter who uses a canvass. The big difference is the use of lighting which a photographer can use to portray the subject in a manner he wants to. This is done by a painter using different shades of colors.

This is one profession, where there is really no difference between a professional and amateur. You really do not need to go to a school to learn how to click. It is having a knack to click at the right time and at the right moment. A good photographer knows when and where to click to get a stunning photo that also looks natural.

 For taking a natural photograph, natural sunlight is critical. Photographers have had to wait for several days before taking a photo as the light which would be optimum was not there. Photography involves both the nature and the subject who is being shot. It is the fine balance between the two which can make a photo great or ordinary.

Every photo is a new experience for the photographer as it teaches him what he should do to improve the next time. Photography as a profession has been revolutionized by the advent of digital cameras as these gadgets do a lot on their own and much effort and time of the photographer is saved in arranging different equipment which he used to do earlier.

But even with these amazing digital cameras, a photographer may have to wait for a long time before the crucial things like weather conditions; angle of the sun, amount of sunlight etc. are optimum for the photos to come out the way the photographer wants.

Photography is done for various reasons. It is done for fun, as a hobby, to preserve memories of an event, shoot special moments, to send some message and finally for entertainment.

Though photography is natural and natural photographs are most eye catching, some types of photography like fashion photography, product photography, wedding photography etc. are time based and do not depend upon natural sunlight to complete the job. Photography is an art that is evolving all the time and the introduction of new technology makes it fresh and exciting to those involved in it.

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