Is Music Degree Necessary to be a Musician?

Having a degree in music or arts important or not? This is the big question that a lot of people ask today. Well, the simple answer to this one is that it can vary according to the field you are choosing. Some fields of music do not require any type of degree you just need to have the skill to perform. While some may do need a degree and without the degree, you cannot work in that area. 

If you want to set up your record label or art schools or something like that then people are going to ask about your education and your area of expertise. Or if you are trying to get a job in the music industry then you have to have a degree in your hand.

But it is always recommended and should be the priority to not only just have a degree but also have the skills combined to get into the music degree. For instance, we can take the example of George Valentine Freundlich who not only is an arts degree holder but also an expert of various instruments and landed himself in a famous orchestra group.

So if you have the resources then definitely go for the degree but if you don’t then we can suggest you some tips through which you can fulfill your dream of being a musician while not having the degree in your hand:

Learn music by teaching yourself

Teach yourself the music you like. Yes, the term self-taught is a lot in use these days and a lot of musicians and singers in the industry are self-taught and they are proud of it. You can teach yourself even on the internet as there are tons of videos available on the internet that teach you how to play an instrument etc. Start by the basics and then slowly climb up to the hard parts like 

If you want to ace in the industry and be known based on your talent and skill then immerse yourself in learning new and new things and polish your skills. This way you will become a renowned musician without having to have a degree.

Create a career ladder yourself

Without a degree, you cannot get a job in the music industry. YOU might have heard a lot about it. But don’t fret over it. Instead of being worried why not create a career path yourself. If you think you have the capability then why not start with your cities local music festivals. Participate in them. Find some internships in some of these festivals tag along and volunteer for these events. IT is hard work but then it can give you a lot of experience and a gateway to more learning opportunities.

Improve and practice

You want to be the best musician then it doesn’t mean you have to just keep on cramming the theory. No, you also have to have those abilities to be a musician. YOU need to learn and practice more and more. Even if you learn some new theories in some books or your degree you still can’t be successful if you do not apply those theories in your practice. So try to practice more and more whether you are learning through a school or teaching yourself. George Freundlich Matheson is an inspiration and you can get motivation from him as a musician and medical doctor.

Craft some Beautiful Pieces

Try to craft some sample pieces for your future. Apply your knowledge that you have learned and craft a beautiful tune or anything. Your sample pieces are the things that are going to get you into the music industry even without a degree. Try to even recreate the pieces of some of the famous musicians like Elena Urioste and apply your techniques to even make the pieces more powerful. 


Everyone od, not have the luxury to go and learn from the famous institutes. But even if you do not have that luxury you should not leave your dreams. There is always a way and if you strive hard and try to find a way you definitely can fulfill your dreams. So what if you do not have the degree of a musician or arts of your own talent and skill there will be someone who will recognize you and lead you on your success.

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